Did You Know? Frequently Asked Questions – Family Law

Did you know?

  • If your ex-partner fails to pay child support, you can stop him/her from leaving the country until he/she pays the child support debt in full?
  • If your ex partner continues to disobey court orders permitting you to see your children, you can apply to have the children live with you?
  • A Judge will assume your contribution as a caregiver and parent is equal to the financial contribution the primary income earner made during the relationship, going out to work?
  • A Judge may give a greater share of the assets to your ex-partner if his/her income earning potential is less than yours?
  • You can obtain a court order to stop your ex partner drinking or taking drugs whilst the children are in his/her care?
  • You can have a share of your ex partner’s super transferred from his/her fund to yours after separation, to top up your own super?
  • If you can’t agree what your assets are worth, then a Judge will make an order that a valuation of the assets be prepared by a licenced valuer, and you each pay half?
  • A Judge may make an order that your ex partner pay you spousal maintenance if you are unable to support yourself after separation?
  • A Judge may make an order restraining you from selling, mortgaging or encumbering your assets until the final agreement as to property settlement is reached?
  • Except in exceptional circumstances, it will take at least 12 months to get to a trial in the court?
  • Your ex partner can claim a percentage of your business assets?
  • Your super may be worth a different amount to the figure on the annual statement, depending on what kind of super fund you have?
  • A Judge can prevent you from moving interstate or overseas with your children?

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